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Want to improve your powerboat driving skills? An award-winning Power Boating Academy course is perfect for you. We teach powerboat driving skills on the water with you driving your own boat. You can take the course alone or with other family members or friends. We are a group of certified instructors and captains that provide a fun, one-day course. Doing the driving through various maneuvers and techniques is the easiest and best way to become a better and more confident boater.

Power Boating Academy

Here is how it works:

1) When you contact us, we will answer your questions, discuss your objectives in taking the course and your recent experience. We tailor our course to suit your specific needs using this information. 

2) A highly experienced certified professional will come to your location on the day you select. 

3) Before getting on the boat, we begin with a one-hour "ground school." This informative explanation of general boating facts and details of your boat controls usually takes one hour and is well worth the time.  

4) Next, we get out on the water with you doing the driving. Our step-by-step procedures and the tip-based course will give you the confidence and skills to maximize your boat driving experience. The on-water portion of this enjoyable course runs approximately four hours, with a break in the middle.


Whether a new boater or a seasoned pro, you will enjoy and benefit from our tip-based, hands-on training guaranteed to take your boating skills to a new level. For example, our popular docking tips will ensure that you never again bang a dock. We are so confident in your approval that there is no charge if you don't learn new techniques. In addition, there are materials provided, with which you can review and practice the many tips you have learned. This course is a favorite for both men and women between the ages of 16 to 70.


Our fee is $245. A $100 discount applies for 2nd and 3rd persons taking the course together. This is by far the best value boating course being offered today. We also offer special programs and discounts for clubs and associations.

Registration is simple and direct.
Call (239) 898-2219 or contact us by email for more information and to book a course.


PBA will send you a wallet card that certifies your course completion. Every PBA course includes an ongoing subscription to relevant boating tips and subjects published on BoatBlurb.com. Our professional instructors have been providing government-approved courses since 2000 and are well known in the popular Ontario Cottage Country.

Power Boating Academy

Remember - - we teach what you need:
If you are a new boater, this course will get you started in the right direction, adding confidence and safety. If you have boated for many years, we will take the time to review and practice a subject of special interest to you, such as handling wakes and rough water, electronic navigation equipment, achieving the best performance, or planning a cruise. While our courses are aimed at pleasure boaters like you, we have also trained many professionals and government bodies in the most efficient handling of their boats.

Power Boating Academy

Our highly qualified Instructors are assigned based on your location.

MARK ROTHARMEL: Hall of Fame inductee. Celebrity speaker. Instructor.

CARL MCBRIDE: Captain, Marine Tech, and instructor

DAVE BODNER: Captain, corporate pilot, and on-the-water instructor.

ROB WATSON: Captain, Marine Engineer, and on-the-water instructor.

SCOTT STEELE: Executive Officer, United States Marine Safety Institute.

BILL JENNINGS: Captain, Instructor, Founder & CEO of Power Boating Academy.

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